On April 2, I reckoned…

I should probably clarify that my first and last post on this blog was not actually to be my last post. But the part about it being my first post was true, needless to say. The rest of what I said in the post was true as well, though I reserve the right to change my mind about those unfinished posts I mentioned. I’m actually bad with promises in general, and I thought I should mention that before anyone got their hopes up.


So, what will I be doing with this blog? Well, first off, it will mainly be an anime blog, so expect anime-related content. It probably won’t be in the form of reviews or episodic essays, but I may write down a few episodic notes about shows that I find really interesting. Also, I really would like to make a comprehensive series of first impressions posts about all the big new Spring season shows, but that might be too much of an undertaking right off the bat. But I’ll try to at least do it for the shows I’m genuinely interested in(that are not sequels to very recent shows).


Well, in any case, every time I publish a new post I’ll tweet about it, so there’s no need to guess when a new post is coming out. In the future I’ll try to come up with a more consistent release schedule, maybe when I come up with a good idea for a theme that I can build my posts around, but for the time being I’ll just post whenever I happen to have something to post. I do have a large amount of Reddit posts that I could publish here, but I’ll have to clean them up, format them differently and partially rewrite them first, which will probably take a lot of time. So no promises regarding that. But in the meantime, if you’re dying to know what my opinions on a particular matter are, ask me on Ask.fm. So, TL;DR: I’m not quitting.

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