Summer 2015 First Impressions: Okusama ga Seitokaichou!

Okusama ep 01

Appropriate reaction to the final scene.

(Disclaimer: I watched this episode without subtitles, and I’m not fluent in Japanese, so I may have missed any or all funny jokes.)

Oh boy, first new show of the season, and it has something about “flinging condoms into the audience”. This sounds promising.

…Is what I still thought a few days ago. Then I learned that it was a short, i.e. the episodes are only 10 minutes long. And now that I’ve seen the first episode, yeah, there was condom-flinging involved. However, rather than being the punchline of a joke, the condom-flinging was basically the entirety of the opening scene. The rest of the episode consisted mostly of the usual harem/romcom banter, though it did do a good job of establishing that the student council president Wakana, who once flung condoms into an audience, is the most desirable girl in school. As you may be able to guess(or read from the synopsis on MAL), Wakana later shows up at the main character’s, Izumi’s, house, where she says that they are to be husband and wife because of blah blah blah(read the synopsis). Yeah, there wasn’t really anything else to the story in the first episode.

As for the technical aspects of the show, it’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen.┬áThe voice actors for Wakana and Izumi do a decent, though not outstanding, job, but there is another male character whose voice is pretty terrible. I hope he doesn’t show up again. The character designs are pretty generic with some highs(Izumi having glasses) and some lows(Wakana’s face being kind of creepily childlike in certain shots), but the visuals in general are not terrible. The backgrounds were occasionally nice and one scene in particular had good-looking animation. Oh, and there was a funny visual effect, which you can see in the image above.

Aaaaand then there’s the final scene, in which Izumi sucks Wakana’s breasts(would you be surprised if I told you they are pretty big?) in shiny, uncensored ATX glory. Yes, this is something that happens in the first episode. Suddenly the condom-flinging doesn’t seem that shocking, huh? So yeah, this is a show that exists. Based on the character list and the general feel of the first episode I predict this will turn into a bog-standard harem fairly quickly(it already is one in most ways, the additional characters just haven’t been introduced yet). But hey, at least it’s already raunchier than most of its competition, if that happens to be something you look for.

Verdict: I will continue watching… for scientific purposes.


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