Summer 2015 First Impressions: Part 1*

(*I already posted a few first impressions, but this is the first collected post.)

Now that the season has started properly and there are more than a few new episodes every evening, I’m going to try going back to the non-individual first impressions post format that I used last season. If gathering material for one post takes too long, however, I may change up the format again. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s a Friday full of variety!


Miss Monochrome: The Animation 2

Miss Monochrome pic 01

Yay. Peace.

Everyone who has seen the first season of this will know what to expect, because it’s just a continuation of the same show, but with a slightly longer episode duration. The story is still the same, the jokes are still the same, the characters are still the same. Well, I’m not 100% sure of that last one because I do expect there to be new characters in this season, but you get the point.

My favourite thing about this show is still the delivery of Monochrome’s lines. The synthesised voice is like deadpan-but-not, which I find really funny. The punchline of the joke in the first episode is pretty good as well.

Verdict: No reason not to continue this. It’s 8 minutes of reasonable fun.


Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Gate pic 01

The only part of the episode I actually liked.

Jesus Christ! I’m sorry for taking the Lord’s name in vain, but this is an exceptional situation. It’s probably my fault for basically picking up every show that people were talking about before the season, but still, I somehow never expected to see anything I disliked this much again(after the disaster that was Mahou Sensou and Mahouka during consecutive seasons). This is one of those shows where the main character is an otaku(so he’s relatable to the target audience) who cares most for his hobby(so he can seem passionate and full of conviction, i.e. a role model for the target audience). He’s also somehow really fit, strong and smart(because this is a power fantasy), and everyone loves him because of this. In the first episode he saves a bunch of people and gets a medal. This is completely unbelievable to me, and I’m not usually a person who complains about believability. It’s just stupid, and I don’t like it.

That’s not to say it was terrible in every conceivable way. While I didn’t particularly care for the art(I especially dislike the designs of the female characters), the animation quality was what I’ve come to expect of A-1 Pictures, that is to say pretty good. I also really liked the faux Roman soldiers that came out of the gate. Their musings about the nature of the new environment they found themselves in reminded me of Hataraku Maou-sama in a very good way. Lastly, I liked the firearms and the tanks. Unfortunately, the intersection of the last two aspects, i.e. when the faux Roman soldiers were gunned down by tanks and people with firearms, is what killed the last modicum of interest I had for the show.

Verdict: I strongly dislike this. I’d rather watch SAO.



Wakaba Girl pic 01

Rebuild of Kinpatsu Shoujo.

This is pretty much what I expected it to be: Similar to Kinmosa. It seems that my worries regarding the staff were unnecessary, because while it took a few minutes to get going, I really loved it by the end. It’s like Kinmosa never ended. Also, the OP is wonderfully catchy. This is totally my kind of show.

It’s just sad that it’s only 8 minutes long. Kinmosa’s 23-minute episodes never bored me(or at least Season 2 never got boring), so I’d be more than fine with full-length episodes of Wakaba Girl as well. Oh well, maybe it can pull a Yama no Susume and get a second season with longer episodes.

Verdict: My favourite thing so far this season. That says a lot.



Classroom Crisis pic 01

This show can look pretty good at times.

Continuing the trend of cold openings, here’s… something. Reading the synopsis actually didn’t help much here, but I managed to understand that this story takes place in some sort of corporate city in space, and that corporate politics is the name of the game. At least, that’s what I assume based on the reveal of the transfer student’s identity at the end of the episode. There’s also stuff about spaceships and engineering, which I liked. I think the show has a lot of somewhat unique potential. It has several interesting directions it could go in.

That said, I’m not really sold on it yet. The characters in particular failed to grab me, and the jokes got stale very quickly. The art and animation is really impressive at times and decent in general, though I question the decision to use stills and speed lines for a mission control/talking scene. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come. Finally, the way the episode ended reminded me a lot of Amagi Brilliant Park. This could either be a bad thing or a good thing.

Verdict: I will definitely be giving this a second episode, but I’m not hooked yet.


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