Summer 2015 First Impressions: God Eater

God Eater pic 01

Example of the show looking good.

Well, this takes the cake as the most boring first episode of the season. Yes, it was even more boring than the second half of the first episode of Gate. Neither had much in terms of story progression, but at least Gate had a somewhat interesting world. So far, God Eater has nothing. The first episode introduced the characters, the mechanics and the world, but none of it was interesting. There are standard fantasy beast enemies that attack the settlement just like the titans in Attack on Titan or any other fantasy story like this. The main character is a standard main character who wants to kill all the beasts, just like the main character in Attack on Titan, or the one in Owari no Seraph, or whoever else you can think of. I’ve seen all of it before, and God Eater does nothing to differentiate itself.

Writing-wise, that is, because the visuals are certainly unique. God Eater doesn’t look anything like Fate or Kara no Kyoukai. Instead, it uses a style that reminds me of a cutscene or cinematic in a video game. I think it’s CGI instead of hand-drawn, but I can’t be sure because it doesn’t look like any other kind of CGI I’ve seen in anime. The shading in particular is very different, and the characters don’t pop out of the presumably hand-drawn backgrounds like you’d expect them to. I should also note that screenshots don’t do it justice, because it looks much better in motion.

God Eater pic 02

Example of the show not looking so good.

All of that said, though, I’m not convinced the visuals will be able to carry the show for me. As the production issues and the 1-week delay of the first episode probably prove, Ufotable are still experimenting with this style, which means that the possibility of dips in quality is really high. In fact, the otherwise polished first episode had a few moments where aliasing was extremely noticeable, and I expect this to only get worse with time. So, I’m not really hopeful at all for this show. But, because I want to end this on a somewhat positive note, I will say that I appreciate that Ufotable are trying out this style, because I really like it. Even if this particular show ends up being bad, maybe they’ll make a good show in the same style some day.

Verdict: Will continue watching purely for the visuals.


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