Summer 2015 First Impressions Finale: Makura no Danshi

Makura pic 01

I like the pattern on the pants. Very stylish.

What an underwhelming way to end this series of first impressions posts. But at the same time, what a great ending this is. Makura no Danshi is the perfect show to come back to after a long and hard day of work. It wastes no time. When I started watching, I was immediately greeted by a beautiful boy who asked me if I wanted dinner, a bath, or… to sleep with him. Unfortunately anime is non-interactive, so the latter was chosen for me, but I would’ve naturally chosen that anyway, so I wasn’t complaining. The boy, whose name I actually didn’t catch, then asked me if I wanted a massage, maybe… on my butt? Again, though, anime is non-interactive, so I was unable to tell him that yes, as a matter of fact, my butt is pretty sore from all this blog post writing. Angry at my silence, he rescinded his offer and started pouting, but I could tell he still wanted to gently caress my behind. Apparently eager to change the topic, he then told me about a cat he saw earlier, and he reminisced about how beautiful the sunset was. A sunset I knew nothing of, because my blogger cave has blackout shades. But at no point did this boy gloat. He just seemed happy that I was there. But I wasn’t there. I was in my blogger cave, punching my screen with tears in my eyes, desperately trying to get to the boy. But it was not meant to be. I’m 3D and he’s 2D. I curse my existence.

Verdict: 4 minutes is not enough. I need more sleep and more pretty boys.

Makura pic 02

“Cheer up, reader-chan!”


3 thoughts on “Summer 2015 First Impressions Finale: Makura no Danshi

  1. Haha, this is a clever way for an anime first impression. I heard about this one. It isn’t on my list for things to watch, but I like your blogging version of it.

    • Heh, thanks. Considering it was a short and the fact that it doesn’t really have a story, I thought it’d be boring if I just talked about the technical side and stuff like that.

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