Recycling Weekly: The Tatami Galaxy and Eden of the East

Whoops, it seems I forgot to do a post last week. I hope this makes up for it.

(Originally written in July 2014)

The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei)

Tatami Galaxy pic 01

I’ve only seen one episode of this show as well, so once again I don’t have much to say, but man this show is different. Looking at the premise and story alone, without regarding the characters or the crazy visuals, makes it look like the start of a very safe and generic romantic comedy, but I have a feeling that is really not the point of the show. The fact that the main character speaks at a headache-inducingly high speed is in itself a tell, as are the aforementioned crazy visuals, but even more than that, the show feels like it’s about something entirely different. I actually don’t know where exactly this show is going, and that’s interesting.

(Fast forward a few days)

Well… What is there to say about this almost infamous show?

Interesting visual style(s) with sometimes-smooth-sometimes-not transitions that ultimately serve their purpose perfectly, storytelling that goes from episodic to thematic to self-referential to paradoxically simultaneous to somehow sensibly conclusive, characters who at first glance are naive, narcissistic, kind, eccentric and outright evil but who are actually evil, eccentric, kind, narcissistic and naive at first glance in that exact order but actually in no particular order. Soundtrack was ok but forgettable, I guess everything can’t be perfect.


Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden)

Eden of the East pic 01

Having seen only one episode, I can’t comment on much, but I will say that I like it already. The visuals are pretty great, the character designs remind me of Honey & Clover(which is a good thing) and the premise is interesting. I also appreciate the effort put into the voice work, in that the English-speaking people are actually voiced by native speakers(though the writing quality of their lines varies quite a bit). I have high hopes for this.

(Fast forward a few days again)

Wait, was this really an anime? It sure didn’t feel like one. The premise(which was not revealed right at the start) did remind me of Mirai Nikki, but in terms of storytelling, this was vastly different. In that sense, this was more like 24. Characters mean nothing(except during the short intermissions), next objective means everything.

And that was my favourite thing about the show. There were no cutoff points, no reasons to quit. I could easily just keep watching episode after episode without getting bored. Hell, this is one of a very small number of shows that I think could be extended quite far in terms of additional episodes(and they already kind of did, with the 2 movies that I have yet to watch). I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone.

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