Going Down The List: Angel Beats


Angel Beats was one of the first anime I watched. I think it was around around the end of January 2013. At the time, I loved it a lot. I loved the emotional stuff, and I loved the humour. I even went as far as to think it was a good gateway anime because the humour was on a different level compared to the shows I had seen before that. I don’t hold it in such high regard anymore, but I think there’s a grain of truth to the humour side. A new OVA recently came out, and I actually found it entertaining and occasionally funny.


Oh TK, you’re so hot.

Speaking of that OVA, watching it was quite the surreal experience. When I first started watching anime, my tastes and opinions changed so quickly and so often that my memories of that time are hazy. I remembered liking Angel Beats, but I couldn’t remember how I actually felt while watching it. And with most shows, new material rarely comes out so long after the original show aired, so the new OVA gave me a unique chance to compare my memories to the new reality.


It was nice to see Iwasawa again as well.

And, honestly, I still liked what I saw. It wasn’t the pinnacle of emotional catharsis that I remembered the original to be, but it was fun to watch. Is this what anime nostalgia is like?


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