Going Down The List: Ano Natsu de Matteru


Funny that this should come right after my post on AnoHana. Of course, they both start with the same word, which is why they’re consecutive alphabetically, but the shows are also quite similar in other ways. They were both directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, for one. My guess is that since AnoHana was so successful in 2011, someone thought it’d be a good idea to try to capitalise on the same feeling that AnoHana evoked. But, this is where I have to digress, because I haven’t actually looked into that. I’m just guessing. Anyway, my feelings about AnoNatsu are, in retrospect, similar to my feelings on AnoHana: I think it lacked oomph.

GDTL Anonatsu 1

But the reason I think AnoNatsu lacked oomph is not that it saved all of its energy for the climax, which is what I think happened with AnoHana. Rather, I never got the point of AnoNatsu. If it was a sci-fi story, then the point was lost on me because none of the sci-fi stuff was ever explained or put into sufficient context. If it was a story about two people falling in love, then the point was lost on me because of the fact that it ended up being a love pentagon. If it was a story about friends enjoying summer together and that all good things must come to an end, then the- actually, no, I can appreciate that a lot, actually. But in that case, I fail to see the point of the sci-fi plot, and I especially fail to see the point of including a plot twist. Had they made everything clear from the beginning, maybe I could have liked it.

GDTL Anonatsu 2

But no, in the end I just saw myself rolling my eyes a lot at all the convoluted ways of pushing the characters into different situations where they had to deepen their interpersonal relationships. There were a few scenes that I really liked, but if I recall correctly, only one or two of them were about the two main characters of the show. This makes me sad, because it feels like those shows did not come from this show, and I would probably have liked that non-existent other show better than AnoNatsu. Also, while some people would argue that AnoNatsu contains some respectfully-handled messages about tolerance, I disagree. I respect their opinions, but I personally think the bit where the show has a closet nudist forget to wear underwear when going outside wasn’t very “understanding” in nature. Seriously, does that ever happen?


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