Going Down The List: Another


To be honest, I don’t remember much about Another, nor do I remember much about how I felt when I watched it. I don’t even remember most of the deaths, because I keep confusing Another with Final Destination. And the only thing I remember about my emotions is feeling that one of the later deaths looked really funny. I certainly don’t remember feeling scared or horrified, except for one scene. There were also a few jump scares here and there, which I didn’t really like. Actually, I do remember something about how I felt. I remember thinking that the final plot twist was very stupid.

GDTL Another 1

Other than that, I actually really liked the show at the time, and I really liked the OP. So I was a bit confused to find that most other people did not hold it in high regard, nor did they think the OP was good compared to Ali Project’s other songs. I think I still disagree on the latter point, but in retrospect, Another is not a fantastic show. I’d go as far as to say that everything about the story and plot twists either made no sense or was way too convenient. It’s definitely not among the best shows I’ve seen.

GDTL Another 2

That said… Another still occupies a niche that very few anime even try to compete in: Atmospheric horror. I don’t actually know if I’ve seen another anime that I’d classify as horror in the same way as Another. Parasyte was more action than horror, and Gakkou Gurashi is more thriller than horror. So, even though Another is not the best anime I’ve ever seen, it still kind of sits on top of a category of its own. Maybe that means I should finally crack down on my PTW list and watch Shiki already.


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