Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 1

This is going to be a very short Part 1, because only Lupin III has been subbed so far. The reason I’m deviating from last season’s style and not making this a separate post called “Lupin III” is that sticking to the “Part n” format makes for a nicer index later. Anyway, explanations aside, here are my thoughts on the show:


Lupin III (2015)

I have no idea what decade this is supposed to take place in.

If I recall correctly, this show(i.e. the new 2015 show, the series is much older) was originally supposed to air in Spring 2015, but then there was a lack of new information and eventually it was postponed to Fall. Well, what I can tell you is that this extra time was not spent making the show look as good as possible. Sure, the art style is nice, unique and distinctive, but the quality of the art and animation left me somewhat disappointed(especially after seeing the OP, which is gorgeous). Especially when it came to the backgrounds, because it looked like they were coloured with a mindset that considers object outlines more like general guidelines than a strict code. So yeah, not a great first impression on that front, though I personally am a fan of the style.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the main character Lupin himself. He struck me as an archetype of a bygone era of character writing, though I guess it’s nice to see that every once in a while instead of just modern archetypes everywhere. The other main characters, on the other hand, were pretty entertaining, and I already like the chemistry that the group has, which is probably because it builds on an already established canon instead of being made from scratch. As for the story, I think it seems pretty straightforward: Lupin is a thief who goes around and tries to steal stuff while constantly running from the detectives. Which is honestly fine by me. Not every show needs a super elaborate story. And I also really liked the chase scenes in the first episode. So, as far as my minimal expectations go, this show is a reasonable success so far.

Verdict: I had a fun time, and nothing about it is actively annoying. Sure, I’ll continue it.


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