Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 3

Young Black Jack

You may be taking the term “Saviour complex” too literally.

What do you get when you take ER, House, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, smash them together and stick them in the middle of the 1968 Tokyo student protests? This show, apparently, and I’m not complaining. It made for a very interesting first episode, even though it ended up feeling hilariously cheesy at certain slightly inappropriate moments(the train scene, for instance). That could be considered a “so bad it’s good” kind of thing, though.

Story- and character-wise, I feel like the show isn’t going to achieve anything spectacular. In a best case scenario, the show continues focusing on the hospital and the patients in an episodic manner, ER-style I mean. I doubt a more elaborate story would interest me much, mostly because Hazama’s character seems to revolve entirely around the fact that he’s a superhero who can “do the impossible”. Not a very novel idea(it is an old series, though, so that’s understandable), but the context makes it more interesting than shows like this in general.

Verdict: The setting is so unusual that it’s actually very interesting. I liked it.


Heavy Object

Believe it or not, at this point I still liked the show.

I must admit that the first few minutes of Heavy Object were great. I loved the war drama-style setup, I loved the detailed explanation of the Object’s armour, and I loved the action shots and the explosions. It felt like the setups of Gundam 0079 or Macross Zero, and that was great. The actual opening scene with the two boys sitting on the roof was also nice. I also liked the snowy landscape of the setting.

Unfortunately, that’s about it. I have little patience for shows that stuff young teenagers and school settings where they don’t rightfully belong. I’m not saying it’s immoral to write stories like that(except maybe when those underage characters are used for fanservice, which this show does also do, much to my chagrin), but I just personally can’t enjoy it. That said, this was only the first episode, and I am interested in the story itself, so I’m going to try to avoid judging it too soon. I mean, it’s no Sky Wizards Academy.

Verdict: Definitely not fantastic, but it had some good elements.


Noragami Aragoto

This was a very impressive opening scene.

I liked the first season of Noragami, but it wasn’t a spectacular show in any sense. And this first episode of the second season was basically a direct continuation of the show, so I don’t have extremely high hopes for this season either. But on the other hand, it was still the same Noragami that I knew and loved almost 2 years ago. It made me feel nostalgic in a very good way, like coming home from a long trip.

Also, as I mentioned in the Season Preview post, I was excited about Bishamon being the antagonist this time around, and the first episode didn’t let me down in that respect. The setup was basically as good as it could be, and while I’m not a huge fan of her as a person, I still think Bishamon is a good character. And she’s cool. Which is important.

Verdict: It’s mostly more of the same, which is totally fine by me.


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