Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 4

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

Oh Sasha, I love you so.

In my Season Preview post, I complained a lot about this show while simultaneously admitting that I would watch it anyway and probably love it. Well, what did I end up taking away from the episode then? Firstly, I was not at all a fan of the big head chibi art style. It made all the characters look somehow disfigured, except for Mikasa, who was wearing a scarf and thus not showing her neck. She was very cute, actually. Secondly, while I liked that the line art was similar to the style in the original show, the colours and the other components of the visuals were kind of underwhelming. Well, it is a parody spin-off after all, so I didn’t expect it to look gritty or anything, but I still kept thinking back to the original show a lot. And finally, I think the show thinks that its in-jokes are way funnier than they actually are. Sure, I did enjoy the references to the original show and to popular culture in general, but it wasn’t ha-ha funny.

That said, I couldn’t help liking the show. Everything from the OP that clearly parodied Guren no Yumiya to Sasha’s obsession with food prompting an alternate version of an entire scene from the original show, I enjoyed it all. As I said, it wasn’t ha-ha funny, but it evoked memories of how much I enjoyed watching the original show. Ok, Eren wanting revenge against the titans wasn’t that enjoyable, but in contrast, Mikasa was even more adorable than in the original show, not to even mention Christa and Ymir(I will watch any show where those two are a couple). So, as I expected, this show isn’t scratching the Attack on Titan itch, but it’s sort of softly rubbing it, which feels nice in its own way.

Verdict: I feel like I don’t want to enjoy it, I want a proper sequel, but I can’t help liking it.



Yup, this is Monogatari alright.

Oh boy, this is going to be difficult, especially because as I realised 40-minutes in, this was a double episode. And it told an entirely new story involving an entirely new character, and one of the the storytellers was a character we really know nothing about, which makes her even more unreliable as a narrator than Kaiki! I am, of course, talking about Ougi Oshino, if that even is her real name. This first episode of Owarimonogatari solidified Ougi as my favourite character in the Monogatari universe. Not character development-wise, that would be Hanekawa, but personality-wise. Ougi is like Gaen but more mysterious, and I really like that about her. Maybe it’s just because I’m a masochist, but I love how she just dominates every scene she’s in.

As for the story of the first episode of Owarimonogatari, I actually thought it was one of the better stories in the series. It combined the established world and systems of Second Season with the very introspective character stories of Bakemonogatari into a tale that I was not only eager to hear the end of(to find out who the culprit was), but also one that I enjoyed watching and listening to in general. It was also great length-wise. One of my biggest complaints regarding the Monogatari series in general is the variable story arc length, because some arcs are just way too long and others are too short. It was really nice to have an entire story arc over and done with in 48 minutes. No loose threads(except maybe for that bit at the end), just a well put-together story with a nice conclusion. I hope the rest of the season continues to be this good.

Verdict: By far my favourite first episode of the season, at least so far.


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