Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 6

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou

Looking at this picture makes me unreasonably happy.

Well, that was the craziest first episode of the season so far. Yes, even crazier than Owarimonogatari. Concrete Revolutio feels like a mishmash of a bunch of different shows with a bunch of different styles. The colours are bright and vibrant, the backgrounds remind me of Hidamari Sketch, the genres remind me of Samurai Flamenco, the character designs have crazy hairstyles and colours, and they remind me of Star Driver(understandably, because Yoshiyuki Ito is among the character designers working on this show). The setting, on the other hand, reminded me a lot of Kekkai Sensen and, to some extent, Gatchaman Crowds. Oh, and there are giant aliens, small aliens, cars that transform into giant robots, and magical girls. The show has pretty much everything.

And that part of it I really did like. The fact that it had everything, and that everything was explosive, and that each scene was more ridiculous than the last. And I liked the music. But, to be completely honest, the story was too confusing, at least in the first episode. Jumping between two(or was it three?) points in time did not work in the way I assume they wanted it to – that is, to reveal the backstory in bits so as to avoid a long flashback sequence – because I found myself unable to follow any of it. In addition, I felt like they tried way too hard to somehow explain why superpowers and magic exist in the world. To me, at least, that’s not something I automatically want to know, and I felt like the exposition clashed too much with the action.

Verdict: Crazy and insane in a very entertaining way, but also annoyingly confusing. Will continue but I’m not totally feeling it.


Comet Lucifer

I liked the visuals in this scene in particular.

Compared to Concrete Revolutio, Comet Lucifer was much more consistently put-together. The story progressed in somewhat logical order, it was easy to follow, and it was easy to understand. And it’s not like it lacked craziness either: The high-speed chase scene was pretty thrilling, and the main character’s brightness and optimism was a pleasant surprise(I totally expected him to be the more dark and gloomy type). The city the story seems to be set in looks very nice too, as does the CG used for the mechs. None of the stylistic choices are particularly interesting, but I think it’s a nice-looking and -sounding show in general.

That said, looking and sounding good is not exactly enough for me. As consistent and clear as the story was, I just couldn’t get myself to care about it. Apart from the usefulness(when it comes to exploring tunnels) of the crawling spider-type mechs, why are there bipedal mechs, and why can the magical demon crystal girl summon one? Also, when it comes to the magical demon crystal girl herself, I’ve seen too many stories with similar premises. Ok, that’s not inherently a bad thing, but when I saw the crystal was going to become a girl, I just automatically rolled my eyes and stopped paying attention to that particular part of the story. Also, to criticise one similarity between Conrevo and Comet Lucifer, I felt like the opening scene of Comet Lucifer with the “oracle” and the exposition was really unnecessary. I’d rather have the show speak for itself than watch prophecies fulfill themselves.

Verdict: I’m feeling lukewarm when it comes to the story, but I’ll continue it. I definitely don’t hate it.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

Poor Komori-san…

Boob jokes, yay… No, the opening episode was actually more innocent than I expected it to be, probably in part because it was only 2 minutes long, and that includes the theme song. There was only one boob joke and one pee joke, other than that it was cute and wholesome. Not ha-ha funny to me, at least not yet, but I thought the jokes were fine. The character designs were also cute. The voice acting was not bad but not noteworthy either. That’s about it. I think I described all the elements of the first episode.

Verdict: Cute. Good enough.


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