Fall 2015 First Impressions: Part 7

Teekyuu 6

…Goddamnit Teekyuu.

Teekyuu is Teekyuu. There’s not a lot to say beside the fact that I think I spotted a few new characters in the OP. Knowing the show, however, those could very well be red herrings… or literal red herrings, or whatever the Japanese equivalent of that idiom is. Anyway, the gags are still the same, and they’re still kind of funny. How does Teekyuu keep doing it?

Verdict: It Teekyuu.


Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!

…Tastes like yuri.

I was, however, surprised to find that Yuru Yuri is still Yuru Yuri. Nachuyachumi and Nachuyachumi+ felt, to me at least, like they had a slightly changed formula due to the overarching plot, but the first episode of San Hai brought the show back to its roots. The character interactions were the same as before, the locations were the same as before, the jokes were the same as before, and the faces were the same as before(maybe slightly improved). Had this been any other show, I probably would have thought it was average at best, but this is Yuru Yuri, and I like this Yuru Yuri.

I’m sure that’s 99% nostalgia, though, because I did notice that Yuru Yuri is kind of old-fashioned when it comes to its gimmicks. All the newer shows like Kinmosa and Gochiusa have specific themes and a lot of hooks related to those themes, but Yuru Yuri just relies on the viewer liking stuff like “Toshino Kyouko!” and Ayano’s location-based puns. For that reason I doubt this season of Yuru Yuri will attract many new viewers or persuade people who didn’t already like it, but for me it was great.

Verdict: I’m just glad we got more Yuru Yuri at all. I’m very happy.


High School Star Musical

…Smells like yaoi, but it’s not.

The first thing that sets this show apart from the kind of music-themed shows that I usually watch is the fact that the characters are all boys(I know, I know, I’ll watch Shounen Hollywood eventually, but right now let’s focus on this show). The second and more interesting thing is that it actually seems to be a musical in the sense that parts of the story are told through song-and-dance numbers. Outside of that one episode of Space Dandy, this is actually my first experience with musicals, anime or otherwise, so I’m interested in seeing where it’ll take me.

Other than that, though, I wasn’t terribly impressed by this first episode. The visuals weren’t that noteworthy, especially compared to this season’s other shows, and the characters weren’t very interesting outside of their basic archetypes. The show is not bad, though. If I end up dropping it, it’ll probably be out of boredom, not because I hate it.

Verdict: Not bad, but not terribly gripping either. Will continue for now.


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