Going Down The List: Barakamon


Another fairly recent show, Barakamon aired in Summer 2014, i.e. the season when nothing else good aired. Ok, that might be overly harsh toward Zankyou no Terror, but that’s still the general feeling I get when I think about that season. Barakamon was kind of the exception, because I actually enjoyed almost every episode of it. It was a relaxing show above all, but I also liked its themes about childishness and adulthood, achievements and pressure. When I watched it I was kind of in a bad place where I couldn’t really relate to Handa even though I totally should’ve been able to, but in retrospect I really appreciate what it was trying to say.

GDTL Barakamon 1

That said, I’m not the biggest fan of the show. As an iyashikei-type show, it didn’t hit all of my buttons nearly as much as, for instance, Non Non Biyori did. It had a lot of hyperactive characters and yelling, which are not among my favourite elements in a show. My second problem with the show was that it felt incomplete, unfinished. The opening was pretty cold and the ending, while somewhat satisfying, felt kind of abrupt. For a show that tried to have an overarching storyline(unlike NNB, to use that example again), I wanted more of it, and I wanted more out of it.

GDTL Barakamon 2

Barakamon did have one fairly unique gimmick, though: The child characters Naru and Hina were played by actual children. And it showed. The characters acted like children, they looked like children(body shapes and faces), and their voices matched almost perfectly. As good as Kotori Koiwai is at playing Renge in NNB, she is not as convincing as the girls who played Naru and Hina. So, while I may not remember Summer 2014 and Barakamon as fondly as some other people, I will at least remember this part of it.


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