Going Down The List: Break Blade (TV)


In retrospect, I should’ve watched the movies instead. The TV version of Break Blade wasn’t a bad show, but the circumstances surrounding its simulcast deflated the experience somewhat. Without looking it up, I wouldn’t even have remembered when it aired – Spring 2014 – because there were no official English subtitles for it. This means that the fansubs had inconsistent translations and came out at fairly random times. Not that I blame the fansubbers, I thank them for their effort, but it was pretty unfortunate that it ended up having to be this way. I still don’t understand why they only decided to subtitle it in non-English languages.

Because Break Blade wasn’t a bad show. During a time when most mecha shows used CG for the mechs or even more extensively – in such shows as Sidonia no Kishi, which was fully CG – Break Blade was, if I recall correctly, fully hand-drawn(ok, ok, Captain Earth was also hand-drawn, but who wants to talk about that show?). It also sported a very un-mecha-like story by basically placing “magical” mechs in a late middle age/early modern age world that reminds me more of the 2015 show Arslan Senki than any other mecha show I’ve seen. That made it a notably unique show, but, again, the lack of English simulcast made it hard for the viewer to watch it, and as a consequence I didn’t see many people talk about it when it was airing.

That said, even though I wanted more people to talk about it, it wasn’t the best show in the universe. The main character, Rygart, was as obstinate as shounen protagonists come, and I felt like the episodes that focused on his inability to develop as a character made the show a lot more boring than it could’ve been. Also, while the story was impressively ambitious, I felt like it got too complex for its own good near the end. The world in the show was huge, but there simply wasn’t enough time to properly introduce every relevant part of it. That, and the fact that the show ended basically in the middle of a war(though at the end of a battle), left me pretty dissatisfied with Break Blade. Also, while I don’t particularly want a sequel, it’s still disappointing that I’ve heard nothing about the series since it ended.


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