Going Down The List: Charlotte


The most recent show so far! So recent, in fact, that I don’t really know if there’s any point in writing about it for this post series. On the other hand, though, I’m probably not doing a “Summer 2015 retrospective” post anyway, so I might as well write about Charlotte here. So, was Charlotte worth writing about? Well, yes and no. “No” in the sense that I don’t think it was a very well-composed show – If it was trying to say something profound, it failed – but “yes” in the sense that Jun Maeda wrote the script, and that’s notable in and of itself.

So, Charlotte wasn’t a perfect show, but there was a lot to like about it. The OP and ED were great, the main character occasionally behaved in interesting ways(mostly when he was a total asshole), and the main girl, Nao, was hilariously entertaining and surprisingly active in the story. In this way, Charlotte marks a change from shows like Angel Beats and Clannad, where the main girls were more the shy and quiet type(apologies for the simplification of character depth, but you know what I mean). Nao was more like Yuri from Angel Beats than like Kanade, or Nagisa from Clannad.

There’s also another thing about Jun Maeda’s stuff that I only briefly mentioned in my Angel Beats post: Emotional catharsis. Somehow, these shows manage to get me very emotional, and I can’t pinpoint what it is. I can illustrate my astonishment by admitting that I cried during the “pizza sauce scene” in Charlotte. It’s not like in Anohana where everything built up to the finale either, because the pizza sauce scene happened fairly early and the actual finale of Charlotte was surprisingly good in its own right(so much so that I’d have preferred if the entire show had revolved around what happened in the finale). There’s just something that gets to me. And that’s why, even though I thought Charlotte wasn’t a very good show overall, I feel it’s a show that’s worth writing about.

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