Going Down The List: Clannad


Clannad is another one of those shows that I  can’t decide whether to re-evaluate or not. Initially, I had strong emotions for it, but more recently my feelings have mostly cooled down. It’s the same thing I experienced over time with Anohana. But unlike Anohana, Clannad has the same element that I mentioned in my post about Charlotte: The emotional release. And as I looked through screenshots to use for this post, I realised that I’m still wired to react to Clannad in the same way. I feel the things I feel regardless of how many other anime I’ve watched, because in the case of Clannad it’s a pretty unique feeling.

So, if I did in fact rate the show, and After Story, based on that feeling, I can’t really change that rating, can I, if looking at pictures of the show can still immediately conjure up the same emotions? But why is the feeling “pretty unique”? Well, I think it’s probably because of the fact that Clannad, and especially After Story, focuses a lot on the concept of family. And that’s something that I haven’t seen a lot in anime since(Wolf Children comes to mind, however), and definitely not before, I first watched Clannad.

Another part of the reason why I liked Clannad was the soundtrack(the same is true for Charlotte as well). Most of the people I know who criticise Maeda’s writing do still admit that they think he’s a good composer, and I agree. And it’s not just the theme songs(trying to get away without mentioning Dango Daikazoku), either. Instrumental tracks, such as Roaring Tide and Snowfield, and vocal tracks, such as Two Shadows and Small Palms, alike are not just good, they’re actually among my favourite background music in anime overall. So now you know that about me.


One thought on “Going Down The List: Clannad

  1. Damn just looking at the pictures of clannad was giving me feels. I was pretty much reduced to a puddle of tears while watching the after story. But I guess it won’t effect everyone in the same way. I felt nothing towards anohana (my least favourite anime actually) but clannad is in my top 5 :) Nice post

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