Going Down The List: Classroom☆Crisis


Another show that aired recently! Apparently giving shows names that start with C is popular nowadays. Moving on, Classroom Crisis is one of my fondest memories from the Summer 2015 season, even more so than the adaptations that I had been looking forward to a lot(Shokugeki and Prison School) or the sequels to shows that I really enjoyed(Non Non Biyori and Symphogear). And why was that? It’s difficult for me to put it into words, which is an issue I had with expressing my feelings about the show from the very beginning.

Classroom Crisis is, to say the least, unique. I can’t really compare it directly to any other anime I’ve seen, because I haven’t seen another anime like it. It wasn’t an action show, nor was it a thriller or a comedy(though it had its funny moments). It was definitely sci-fi, but it’s just really rare to see a sci-fi show that isn’t coupled together with action or something to that effect. Not that there wasn’t any action in Classroom Crisis, but it was never the focus like in shows such as, say, Macross or some of the Gundams.

And that’s mainly what I took away from Classroom Crisis: That it’s not an action show. And the fact that that makes it special to me is kind of bittersweet, because on one hand it’s always nice to see something unique, but on the other hand, the fact that it feels unique means that either the entire anime medium is limited in that respect, or that I’m still very inexperienced, or both. In any case, however, I actually feel a slight bit of discomfort writing about the show when I can’t compare it to anything. It’s a weird feeling, though I guess it fits this unusual show.


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