Going Down The List: Coppelion


Coppelion was a show of many extremes. The backgrounds were very beautiful, but the character designs didn’t fit onto the backgrounds at all. The themes surrounding nuclear disasters and the handling of the resulting waste were really interesting, but the story itself fell completely flat. The fact that the very appropriately named robot “No-Sense” was my favourite character, on the other hand, is telling of what I thought of the writing when it came to the human characters.

Coppelion infamously sits on the bottom of my list, being the only show I’ve ever rated “unwatchable” after finishing it. And, as I already said, it’s not unwatchable due to the visuals(though the contrast between the characters and the backgrounds doesn’t exactly help). The reason I think Coppelion is unwatchable is due to how boring it is. It went from plot point to plot point, from conflict to conflict, without ever managing an impressive or memorable moment. But the real tragedy is that it wasn’t dead on arrival, at least not in my opinion. I actually liked parts of the first episode and parts of some of the other storylines, but everything I liked also happened to eventually fall apart.

Other people I’ve talked to haven’t felt as strongly about Coppelion as I do, but I’ve yet to find anyone who actually likes it and thinks it’s a good show. In my opinion, it was without a doubt the worst show of 2013, and the worst anime I’ve ever finished.


3 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Coppelion

  1. Oh, it kinda hurts to also remember that this was one of the hyped shows back in the day. My friend cladinblue was very excited for this and even listed it in his FAL entries, iirc. And to think I was infected by his enthusiasm and actually got hyped up for this, too, thinking it’d be my first GoHands show that I’ll truly like… oh well.

    • I do remember it being talked about a lot before it started airing. If I recall correctly, it was because the show had been planned already in like 2010 but had run into production problems. So some people were excited about finally seeing it happen, while others were skeptical due to the production problems.

      To be completely honest, I was hyped as well. I remember watching the PV and thinking it looked awesome, if a bit silly. I really wanted it to be a good show. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about disliking it.

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