Going Down The List: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken


Aka Otaku Husband, because damn that is another long title. And an unusually long title for such a short-format(3-minute episodes) show. And it’s also not an LN adaptation, nor does it contain any of those tropes, save for one: The husband is an otaku. However, because he’s not a teenager, and because he’s married, the show focuses on things that regular LNs with otaku protagonists can’t touch upon. You know, like interacting with other adult characters or worrying about career and mortgages and stuff.

And the first season was really good at doing this. It was one of the better 1-cour shows of Fall 2014, at least in my opinion. I remember not really liking the look of it at first, but the episodes were so short that I decided to try it anyway. And what I found was a surprisingly heartfelt story about a married couple, not unlike parts of certain American sitcoms, but in a more concentrated form. It also had a bunch of references to other anime, in a manner similar to Wooser, which is something that I enjoy.

The second season, however, ended up being pretty disappointing compared to the first one. Greatly anticipated because of the revelation at the end of S1, it ended up telling parts of the story that were in no way connected to this revealed element, instead opting to focus on the side characters’ relationships with the main characters, which was not my favourite aspect of the series. Sadly, this also made me forget about it pretty quickly after it ended, which is something that short-format anime are prone to in general as well.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

  1. Yeah, I agree with Season 2. It did not really focus on that part at the end of season one. I did not mind the focus to the side characters all that much. It was just too much was focused on them. It is still one of the few short series that had me coming back each week, so it was not all bad. Just wish they focused on continuing what was established, but who knows maybe they were following the manga and the manga took the same route.

  2. tfw I’m reminded that I didn’t finish the “second” season. I wrote “second” on purpose since S2 is not really a S2 in a chronological sense. Most of the episodes shown in S2 take place sometime in between the episodes of the first season. A few of them happened earlier, and only 3 happened after S1 finale.

    I don’t have the slightest idea what they were trying to achieve with that achronological order, but I don’t it worked. Maybe they had this amazing idea of being a 2-cour, but only 13 episodes were greenlit at first? Who knows.

    Here’s the nonbroadcast order: http://i.imgur.com/WrV1dnP.png

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