Fall 2015 Spotlight: Disappointment of the Season

This season has actually met my expectations pretty well, at least so far. The stuff I thought was going to be enjoyable has been enjoyable, and the stuff I wasn’t so excited about has been approximately average. Among the shows I’m still watching, the least exciting are Kagewani and Kowabon, the short non-traditionally animated shows. As for shows that I actually do like, Young Black Jack and Concrete Revolutio are occasionally so boring that I end up losing focus and interest, and while I loved the first episode of Lupin III, especially in retrospect, I haven’t gotten to watching past episode 1 yet for some reason. I just can’t find the drive to do it.

But, as I said, my expectations were very low this season, so I can’t call any of those shows disappointing. What I did find disappointing, however, was…


Disappointment of the Season: Garo – Guren no Tsuki

I don’t know why I expected to like Garo this time. I didn’t like the first anime and while I thought the original toku show was okay, I ended up dropping it halfway through. These are things that I know and things I’ve said before many times, so why did I still expect to like Guren no Tsuki? I honestly can’t remember anymore, but worst of all, I don’t think it matters. Because I don’t see myself regaining that perspective even if I tried. I think I’m going to give up on the entire Garo franchise(I may decide to give the first anime another try for reasons that I will shortly explain) after this.

When I started watching the third episode of Guren no Tsuki, I finally realised why I didn’t like it. It’s not that I hated all the characters and the story, I just find the “Garo formula” disagreeable and boring. For instance, I thought Seimei was a great and funny character, but Raikou was just boring. Like Kouga in the original toku show. The battles between Makai Knight and horrors never clicked with me, and because that’s an important part of the Garo formula, so to speak, I feel like it’s pointless to even try liking it. It feels like a waste of time. However, I hear that the first Garo anime deviates from that formula, which is why I’m still open to trying it.

Part of the reason why I dropped the first Garo anime was that I disliked how it looked, but that’s something I can get over. Guren no Tsuki didn’t look great either(Kintoki in particular just looked awful, and he sounded awful), but its visuals were far from offensive. One thing Guren no Tsuki did better than the first anime, in my opinion, was the setting. I like the feudal Japan setting much more than generic fantasy land, and slightly more than the modern Japan setting in the toku. Alas, that wasn’t enough to save Guren no Tsuki from being more disappointing than any other show this season.


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