Going Down The List: Fate/Zero


After a long internal debate, I decided not to write about Fate Zero in the post about the new adaptation of UBW. The reasoning is as follows: It’s been a long time(over 2 years) since I first saw Fate Zero, it was my first exposure to the Fate series, and it’s quite different from UBW both in tone and in story(at least in my opinion). Sure, this means you’ll have had to read about Fate shows for a whole week, to which I can only say that I’m sorry, and at least it’s over after this post.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this: I think Fate Zero is much better than UBW. A large part of that is naturally because Shirou isn’t in Fate Zero, but I also think it’s just a more interesting show in general. Kiritsugu isn’t the most relatable protagonist(?) in history, but I think even he is better than most of the cast of UBW, mainly because he’s an adult. Not that being an adult is a requirement for me to like a character, because Waver was probably the most relatable character in Fate Zero.

It’s not a perfect show, though, which is something that became increasingly clear to me when I tried to rewatch it(I made it halfway through, then I lost interest). Watching it for the first time not knowing what was going to happen was fun, but the second time around it felt like the show had very little substance at times. And I didn’t even need to rewatch the ending to feel disappointed by it. It’s understandable that it had to be the way it was due to it being a prequel to FSN, but still, I feel no desire to watch it again.

To conclude this, due to the alphabetic nature of this post series, unfortunate trilogy of Fate-related writeups, I think I might be done with Fate Zero forever. I will still remember it as a fantastic-looking show, but it just doesn’t do it for me anymore when it comes to story and characters. As for Fate Stay Night, I’m excited for the eventual, and probably partially disappointing, Heaven’s Feel movie(s), but I never want to touch the Fate route and UBW again. Which means that Prisma Illya is the only Fate-related show that I currently like and am enjoying. I’m actually planning on watching 2wei Herz soon(ish). And on that bombshell, let’s hope I don’t have to talk about this again for a long time.


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