Going Down The List: FLCL


When I write a new post for Going Down The List, I usually start by looking at some screenshots of the show. This serves the dual purpose of bringing back memories of the show(which inspires me to write) and giving me the actual material that I put into these posts. Well, this time I decided that because I already had FLCL on my hard drive but didn’t have any screenshots saved of it, I might as well watch a few minutes and snap a few good ones. I ended up taking 5 shots in under 2 minutes, and they’re all shots that I’ve attached to a particular memory.

Which means that, oh boy, did the memories ever come flooding back! I wouldn’t say that the first few minutes of the show are dramatic in any way, but for some reason I think they are extremely iconic. Not only are the shots and, the scene as a whole, fantastic, but I think the first scene captures a lot of the spirit of the show and the characters. Maybe that’s just because it wasn’t my first time watching it, but then again it’s been almost 2 years since the first and only time I watched FLCL, so that can’t have had a huge effect.

Speaking of not having seen it in a long time, I do plan on rewatching it soon. The first time I watched it I tried to absorb all of the themes and the message and the style, and I think I got most of it. Which is all well and good, but I now realise that I never had an opportunity(A. It was a groupwatch and B. We marathoned all the episodes) to just enjoy the show, so to speak. Which is probably why the first few minutes, while familiar in that iconic way, felt so new to me. I already loved it the first time I saw it, but I have a feeling that when I rewatch it, I’ll love it even more.


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