Going Down The List: Galilei Donna


Galilei Donna did one thing right. No, two things! First of all, it took a one-trick premise and actually followed through on it. Usually when an anime has a premise that is built on just one concept or person or idea(in this case, the historical person Galileo Galilei), it’s either never brought up again after the first few episodes or often mentioned but never explained or expanded upon. Galilei Donna, however, took the gimmick all the way by actually having a time travel arc where Galileo himself actually shows up! The other thing the show did right was to cast Hiroshi Kamiya as a flamboyant Italian sky pirate.

I ended up watching all of Galilei Donna while it was airing, but I don’t know anyone else who did the same. The reason for this is most likely that it really was not a good show, and it never seemed like it was going to be one either. The first episode had some nice moments, but it also had the same flaws that the rest of the show ended up having: The cold opening – while pun-tastic – was so cold that I never really understood what it was about, the world was busy but poorly explained, and it was hard to relate to any of the characters. And above all, for some reason it all felt very artificial, like watching a puppet theatre where the puppeteers are fully visible the whole time.

To be honest, I don’t remember much more about the show, because for the most part it’s completely forgettable. I guess the OP is cool and the character designs are cute, but that’s about it. Galilei Donna could have been the worst show to air during almost any season since I started watching anime, but funnily enough it aired at the same time as Coppelion and, as you know, Coppelion easily takes the cake in the department of badness as far as my opinions are concerned. So, in conclusion, Galilei Donna was bad and forgettable, but at least it wasn’t Coppelion.


3 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Galilei Donna

  1. I also watched it as it aired! I had really high hopes for this show, based on the interesting, but enigmtic premise and nice designs, I also liked the first episode. It was the rest that destroyed everything, although the designs still stayed nice. When I wrote an entry about why it sucked, I needed 13 points, because 10 was too little.
    I liked the music and the pirate dude, the hippie dad and drunkard oldest sister might have been interesting if not for all the spotlight hogged by The Loli and if not for that last episode (or two) about the trial, which made idiots of both. I didn’t particularly like that they focused on Galileo that much, as the reminders about his AWESUMNESS became tiresome after a while.
    As for Coppelion, I liked it more, as it had nice action and looked beautiful. Yes, it was stupid with dumb characters, but in a way I enjoyed. Maybe I just didn’t expect anything original or interesting plotwise from a series about the teenage girls wandering around the nuclear wasteland in their school uniforms with short skirts. But I guess it’s a matter of opinion, just like there are people who liked Nobunaga the Fool, my most hated anime of forever. I consider even Galilei Donna as better than Nobunaga, because at least it was shorter.

    • On the topic of Galileo, yeah, while I did appreciate them taking the gimmick to the next level, he was still a gimmick, which was unfortunate.

      Also, I feel the same way about Nobunaga the Fool. I only watched one episode of it but jfc it was bad.

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