Going Down The List: Ghost in the Shell


There’s a reason this is the movie that I chose screenshots from when I made the header image for this blog. Like the other stuff made by Mamoru Oshii, at least the ones I’ve seen, Ghost in the Shell is maybe not the best movie when it comes to pairing visuals and music with a well-paced and satisfying storyline with an easy-to-understand opening and a conclusive ending. No, the way Ghost in the Shell ended left me unsatisfied and yearning for more, but not in the way that made me immediately watch the sequels, because by then I knew that the sequels would likely end in pretty much the same way: Inconclusively.

So, if all Ghost in the Shell had was story, I probably wouldn’t think so highly of it. But it turns out that that’s not all it had. The visuals and music tie so well into the atmosphere of the world that almost every shot in the second half feels meaningful, and even individual screenshots evoke emotion after half a year. It also helped that the world and its mechanics were very interesting, which is something that I liked about Patlabor, Jin-Roh and The Sky Crawlers as well.

I wasn’t as big of a fan of Ghost in the Shell as many other people, which is why I’ve put off watching the sequels for the time being, but I definitely can’t say that it was a bad, or even mediocre, movie. And I think that’s specifically because of the fact that the focus of the movie is on the world and the atmosphere, not the coherence of the story. That’s not a universally good thing, though. For instance, as I already mentioned, I don’t really have a burning desire to watch the sequels, nor do I feel like I want to rewatch the original movie soon.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Ghost in the Shell

  1. I’m one of the few people that prefer the sequel, Innocence, to the original movie (which still was awesome, just not as much). Innocence is slower and harder to comprehend, and annoys people with some of its devices that I really liked, like Batou and Togusa having a philosophical chitchat composed of many quotes. It also had nicer, more colourful visuals, and I liked the music more.
    It probably helps that I watched Innocence in a cinema, after two awful CG abominations (Vexille and Appleseed), and just a day after the first movie :)

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