Going Down The List: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu – Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the prequel movie and the episodes 1-2 recap movie, so I can’t comment on the rest of the series.


It took me a few minutes of thinking before I decided that I’d write about this series even though I’ve only seen the two first movies. The reason I decided to do it anyway was that after watching the first movie, which I loved, I got the feeling that the rest of the series was essentially going to be more of the same. This feeling was reinforced when I watched the ep 1-2 recap movie, because it really was just more of the same thing. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean that the story moved so slowly that it didn’t have time to delve into any radically different themes or plot elements.

And that’s fine by me. As I already mentioned, I loved the intrigue, the strategies, the tactics and the grand scale in the first movie. The second movie made me a bit sleepy, which I guess I could interpret as me thinking that it was pretty boring, but on the other hand, the second movie elaborated a lot on the personalities of the characters introduced in the first movie. Which is a very important thing considering the characters are the most important part of a space opera like this.

And I really do like the characters. Reinhard, Kircheis and Yang Wen-li in particular are just great to watch. Considering they’re the main characters, specifically pointing them out might seem pointless, but sadly there are many anime in which the side characters are more entertaining than the main characters. This is not one of those shows, and I’m very happy about that. Now, if I could only muster up the energy to watch the 108 remaining episodes…


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