Going Down The List: Girlfriend (Kari)


Google Translate says that 仮(kari) means “provisional or “interim”. I don’t know how I feel about the term “interim girlfriend”, but I guess translating “kari” as “beta” makes sense in that context, with “beta” having the same meaning as in “beta testing”. Linguistics and semantics aside… Wait, I don’t know where I am or what I’m supposed to say. What was the point of this show? Why was it made? When did it air? Questions like these are only a few of the questions that I will be attempting to answer today(possibly with the help of Wikipedia).

Girlfriend was a very confusing show in many ways. MAL lists around 70 characters in total for the show, which is a huge amount for a 12-episode slice of life show. This means it’s basically impossible to keep track of who everyone is, what they’re like or what their story is about. The story is also not easy to follow. It jumps from character to character between episodes and then back again without any apparent reason. I’m not sure the chronology is even linear. For this reason, I feel like taking long breaks between some of the episodes was a big mistake.

After checking MAL, I can now say that Girlfriend (Kari) aired in Fall 2014. To be completely honest, I don’t remember it airing back then. Instead, Girlfriend hovers somewhere outside of time, eternally basking in the glory of some elder god. When the light of the sun dies and the time of reckoning comes, the 70(or so) characters will turn into a large blob(not goat-shaped, to avoid copyright issues) and come to represent the myriad faces of this elder god. Death and destruction will rain upon the Earth to the sound of j-pop. Oh great lord, have mercy on those of us who watched Girlfriend, for we know of your power, and your greatness. Spare us.

End communication.


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