Going Down The List: Hachimitsu to Clover


I’ve written about Hachimitsu to Clover, aka Honey and Clover, before(here). Since then, however, I’ve seen the second season, so I might as well write about it again. Looking through my start and finish dates for S2, it seems I watched all of it in approximately 2 days, and pretty much right after I finished writing about the first season. I must have liked it a lot at the time. Now, 18 months after finishing the second season, I’m no longer as madly in love with it, but I still remember its strong moments.

Yeah, the ferry episode, “Episode L”, the final arc of the first season, the ending of the second season, I still remember those. The first two not so vividly(because I watched them almost 3 years ago), but I remember being moved by them. In the post I linked above I talked about how the show jumped between stories a lot and how that diminished my attachment to any particular storyline, but on the other hand, it did make the good parts stand out.

Not that the parts in between the “good parts” were universally bad or something, though. Looking at screenshots from the show, I notice that in terms of faces and physical comedy, the show did – and still does – manage to make me laugh. Wholistically it isn’t as funny to me as, say, Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou, but there’s a kind of vaguely defined charm to it. That might be related to the fact that it’s based on a josei manga, because I noticed that shows like Usagi Drop and Kuragehime made me feel the same way. In any case, it’s food for thought, and I really do recommend Honey and Clover to pretty much everyone.


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