Winter 2016 First Impressions: Part 1

Prince of Stride: Alternative

It is as if that hug was there to remind us that this is based on an Otome Game

Sports club shows usually start the same way. New students are introduced to each other and then to the club, where they meet the older members, the senpais. The newbies then usually challenge the senpais to a match, and usually they lose and then join the club to get stronger. Or some variation of that. Prince of Stride doesn’t significantly diverge from this formula, except in that the first race between the newbies and the senpais ends in a tie. Now, in general I think that sports shows start too slowly, but I kind of feel like Prince of Stride starts too fast. This is not made better by the fact that one of the newbies is already famous for his Stride skills. In this sense the show kind of prevents the “cheering for the underdog” trope that many sports shows have, and it does so from the very beginning. Whether this ends up being a bad thing or a refreshing change of pace remains to be seen.

On the technical side, Prince of Stride is pretty average. The voice actors sound like a mix of a bishounen show cast and a sports show cast, the backgrounds and art are crisp but not very interesting, and the character designs are nothing special. The beautiful boys are beautiful, though, so at the very least it delivers on that promise. The only things that really stood out to me were the comedy, which included a joke referencing copyright laws(which is not that common in anime) and a Kamen Rider reference(which is pretty common), and the animation during the race, which was very fluid and dynamic. So, while the show didn’t look or feel special most of the time, at least the race was exciting, and isn’t that the most important thing when it comes to sports shows after all? Well, I guess that’s debatable, but think it’s important, so I’m going to continue watching this.

Verdict: Not the most interesting show in the history of anime, but fun enough from the looks of it.


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