Winter 2016 First Impressions: Part 3

Ojisan to Marshmallow

Get rekt, Takeo. You’re no longer the most loveable big guy in anime.

So, it turns out that when it comes to this show I pretty much nailed my expectations. The marshmallow gimmick is funny, the main character’s design is both funny and cute, and the interaction between him and his coworker is just cute(and funny). I still don’t know who the voices of the characters are, but they sound pretty much as I expected them to. Because the episodes are only 5 minutes long I didn’t expect much of the story, and yeah, to no one’s surprise there’s not much story. The ojisan likes marshmallows, and his coworker teases him by not giving him any marshmallows. As for motive, I think it’s because she likes him. Which isn’t much as far as stories and characters go, but it’s done in a cute manner, so I don’t care.

Verdict: More than cute and funny enough for a short. Definitely sticking with this.


Boku dake ga Inai Machi

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Also known as ERASED. In my preview post I talked a lot about the staff, the synopsis and the PV. Now that I’ve seen the first episode, I kind of feel like none of that matters anymore. And that’s because I was almost immediately hooked by the story. It’s difficult to explain why without spoiling anything, but the synopsis on MAL basically has the gist of it. The main character has the ability to basically rewind time(usually by about 1-5 minutes) in order to prevent disaster from happening. A series of events then forces him to rewind time by 18 years. To be completely honest, it was not so much the story that impressed me but the presentation of the story. I felt like the direction and pacing of the episode were great, and the fact that the main character isn’t voiced by a frequent/famous seiyuu made it feel more like a movie than a TV show.

The animation and character designs were also really good technically, but sadly I get that feeling I always get with recent shows by A-1 Pictures: Boring quality. Everything is so clean(not necessarily realistic-looking though), and while I liked the way the characters’ faces looked stylistically, the way they were drawn ultimately kind of disappointed me. And when it comes to the music, Yuki Kajiura’s touch was definitely not apparent from the first episode. Fortunately, however, that wasn’t because I thought the music was bad or un-Kajiura-like, it was because of the lack of background music altogether in many scenes, which contributed positively to the creepy atmosphere. And the few scenes that did have BGM mostly had very subtle and quiet tracks, which I also liked.

As much as I liked this first episode, I’m not entirely sold on the show yet. As far as I understand, the rest(or at least a large part) of the show will take place in the 1988 timeline, so I’m going to be disappointed if the pacing of the story slows down or the show turns into a slice of life or something like that. And even if it does stay serious, it could run into the same problem that last season’s Subete ga F ni Naru had(in my opinion): It could lose cohesion and turn into a boring and overly esoteric mess. But I’m going to choose to remain cautiously optimistic.

Verdict: The best premiere of the season so far. It can still go wrong in many ways, but I’ll continue watching it.


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