Going Down The List: Hanayamata


Continuing down the list of shows I’ve already written about, here’s Hanayamata(also here)! As with Haibane Renmei, I’ve said most of what I want to say about this show already, so this is most likely going to be another brief post. I will also try to keep this post less spoiler-y. So, what is there left to tell when it comes to this show? Not much, but there is something I can show.

Observe the above screenshot. Notice how the characters aren’t posed the same way. Tami(1st from the right) is looking down wistfully. She’s the ojou-sama character whose personal desires clash with the traditional education she’s been given by her parents. Naru(2nd from the right) and Hana(3rd from the right) are looking in the same direction. They’re the “main” main characters. Yaya(4th from the right) is looking up. She’s like an onee-chan character to Naru, but she also has her own hopes and dreams. Machi’s expression, on the other hand, doesn’t feel very meaningful, and it’s also kind of hard to see because she’s kind of in the background. I doubt they did this intentionally to make her seem less important than the other characters, but it is a fact that she shows up pretty late in the story, so it’s kind of a case of unfortunately coincidental symbolism.

GDTL Hanayamata 2

The gif above showcases something that I didn’t talk about much in the other post: The visuals and the animation. Hanayamata isn’t the best-looking show I’ve ever seen, but when it really counts, the visuals are somewhere between great and fantastic. And it makes sense that they’d focus on that, because – after all – it is a show about dancing. As much as I still dislike the character designs, I kind of want to rewatch the show just to see the animation again.

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