Winter 2016 First Impressions: Part 4

Ultra Super Anime Time

I’m going to mix up my format a little bit this time. The reason being that the 3 short shows I watched this time air during a block called Ultra Super Anime Time, and because they’re shorts, I’m not going to have much to say anyway, so I might as well put them in the same block.

Winter 2016 First Impressions Gyaruko-chan 1

Oshiete! Galko-chanAs it happens, I was right to expect this show to be like Kinmosa, Wakaba Girl and SYD. It really is a show where the characters(who all have their individual quirks) mostly just sit around in school and talk about random stuff. Thing is, when I made the prediction about the show only having a hint of SYD, I was dead wrong. It’s just as unfiltered as SYD and, as unbelievable as it may sound, even more gross. Which actually impresses me. Usually when I watch an anime and the characters start talking about naughty stuff I think “Guehehe, they’re talking about forbidden stuff” and it kind of excites me. Not so with this show. This show is gross in a way that is not sexy, but it is funny. Which is good enough for me, so I’ll continue it.

Winter 2016 First Impressions Sekkou Boys 1

Sekkou BoysYes, this turned out to be almost exactly like how I imagined it. The first episode focused on the manager(pictured above) a bit more than I was expecting, but her backstory was really funny and the acting was fantastic(fantastic as in Nichibros-level voice changing for dramatic and comedic effect). The punchline did fall a bit flat for me because it was basically just the fact that the idols are gypsum busts, and the joke didn’t provide any further explanation for that premise either. On the other hand, though, Saint George is just as amazing and dreamy as in the PV, and isn’t having a favourite character the most important thing about idol shows?

Winter 2016 First Impressions Tabi Machi 1

Tabi Machi Late ShowThis is a different kind of show compared to the above two shows. It’s barely animated, and there’s no comedy. The main components of the show are the storytelling, the acting and the music. The storytelling and the music were great, but the acting felt a bit stiff at times. I still liked it, though. It turns out that the episodes are not 20 minutes long(they’re 8 minutes long instead), but I think the story of the first episode felt pretty complete and satisfying anyway. And getting a new story every week sounds like a good idea, so I’m on board with this. It’s only 4 episodes after all.


Dagashi Kashi

“Sex eyes, engage!”

This is going to be one of those shows. Yes, the ones with the reaction faces, wacky high-energy comedy and references. This formula doesn’t always manage to retain its momentum all the way to the end(like we saw with Shimoseka half a year ago), but I have a feeling this particular show is going to be one of the better ones. While it’s not an important thing when it comes to shows like this, I thought the backgrounds and the art in general was good-looking. The character designs are quite unique, though, as may be evident from the image above. The character designs complement the comedy extremely well, though. Hotaru looks perpetually horny, and Saya looks perpetually furious. It’s great.

Story-wise there’s not much to talk about(which I mentioned in the preview post), because the way the story works is not very novel. However, the candy/snack theme turned out to be pretty fun. I’m not the biggest fan of snacks, but I have to admit that watching the show made me hungry. It also made me crave coffee, but that’s probably because everything makes me crave coffee. So yeah, Dagashi Kashi doesn’t have the most novel story, but it’s worth watching for the faces, and also because the main character’s dad, who is an amazing character, is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara.

Verdict: The funniest show of the season, at least so far. Also pretty solid, though not fantastic. Will continue.

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