Winter 2016 First Impressions: Part 8

Dimension W

Don’t cry, I’m trying not to diss your show here.

I have to admit that my very first impressions of this show were not positive. The world looked interesting, but when the premise with the infinite energy was explained the first thing I thought of was Giant Robo(which I liked at first but changed my mind later). After that, when the main character went out to deal with the criminals, I was reminded of Gangsta(which I wanted to like, but didn’t). By the time the main character pulled out claws like Wolverine from X-Men, I was already laughing dismissively. And finally, the final scene reminded me of Plastic Memories(which I didn’t like at any point). But then, as the episode was ending, I realised something.

As a whole, I’d actually liked the episode. I found that the similarity of the premise to Giant Robo didn’t bother me because it hadn’t in Giant Robo either, and I had actually enjoyed the Gangsta-like action and characterisation. As for the Plastic Memories-like part, that one actually made me hopeful. Hopeful about the possibility that this show might succeed in doing what Plastic Memories tried to do. If you haven’t seen Giant Robo, Gangsta or Plastic Memories, ignore all of that and read the following: I like the idea of the focus on the “underworld” side of the world, and I like the idea of the philosophical question regarding whether the highly sophisticated robot is a person or not. And on top of that, it’s a pretty good-looking show, both stylistically and in terms of art and animation quality.

Verdict: Phew, that was a veritable rollercoaster ride of impressions. In the end, though, I liked it. Definitely continuing.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season

Being a prince is hard work.

I was never the biggest fan of this show and, as I said in the season preview post, I didn’t pay much attention to the last few episodes of the first season. But I never disliked it, I did think it was good at doing what it wanted to do. And that’s also how I feel about the first episode of the second season. It’s… good. It’s like the first season never ended(which it pretty much only did because someone decided to go for a split-cour broadcast model), which makes it kind of difficult to write anything new about it. The characters are the same, the new part of the story is pretty similar in feeling to the story of the first season. I guess I can mention that I’m no longer worried about Shirayuki-hime pulling a Chuunibyou, though. As I said, it’s probably going to be one of the most consistent shows of the season. One new thing was the addition of a few funny faces, which is something I don’t really remember from the first season.

Verdict: It’s… like the first season. Which I finished. Which means I’ll finish this too.


Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara.

That white plushie reminds me of something…

So yeah, this is a short show. The first episode was 4 minutes, I don’t know if all of them will be. This is pretty much just a mahou shoujo comedy show, though it didn’t make me laugh. I also think it kind of tries to parody mahou shoujos, though not as much as Komugi-chan. If there in fact was any attempt at parody, it went over my head, but I don’t care either way. I guess the backgrounds and some of the character art looks pretty nice, though, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Verdict: I’ll probably give this one more episode.


Teekyuu 7

The best place to enjoy noodles is at the bottom of a pit.

In which the girls quit the tennis club and create/join the well-digging club. Because well-digging is addicting, apparently. Anyway, the episode ended with all of them stuck inside the pit, so I’m excited to see how they’ll make it out in the next episode. Just kidding, they’ll probably be back in Cambodia or something next week. Because that’s the kind of discontinuity that one might expect from this show.

Verdict: It’s Teekyuu. Teekyuu is just Teekyuu.


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