Going Down The List: Hayate no Gotoku!

In memory of Miyu Matsuki


Well, this sure is a blast from the past. This was the first 4-cour show I watched, and one of the first shows I watched on Crunchyroll(where it is still available). It’s also the first show I got bored of while watching it, which was presumably because of how long it was. And, to be completely honest, it’s one of the shows that I remember the least about. It’s kind of amazing that I actually managed to finish 52 episodes of it.

The reason for that being that I was never a fan of any particular aspect of the show. I’m not particularly fond of Rie Kugimiya or tsundere characters in general, I thought the romance in the show was pretty abysmal even by my harem standards at the time, and all the parody stuff flew way over my head(obviously, because I had no idea what it was parodying). None of the other characters are really memorable either.

With the exception of one Isumi Saginomiya. She’s the silent ojou-sama type and kind of an airhead(she gets lost very easily). I loved her antics. She was, so to speak, the best girl of the show. It’s no coincidence that I thought the romance subplots she was involved in were sort of decent, and that my favourite episodes are ones that feature her heavily. Which is why it hurts so much to know that her voice is forever gone from this world. Rest in peace, Matsuki-san. I may forget what you looked like, but I remember what you sounded like.


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