Going Down The List: Hourou Musuko


Again, a show I’ve written about in the past(here). I quite liked Hourou Musuko when I watched it, and I still do even though I can now see that it’s not a perfect show. In particular, I thought it was too short a show to really have impact, and I also think some of the characters are a little bit too “perfect”. Anyway, at the time of writing the previous post I had not yet tried reading the manga. At the time of writing this, though, I have read around 30 chapters of the manga, so this post will mostly focus on comparisons between the anime and the manga and the mediums in general.

GDTL Hourou Musuko 1

When it comes to the manga, the character-related issue I had with the anime remains mostly the same, especially regarding Mako-chan. Reading the manga also made me sadder about the fact that the anime was only 1-cour, because there are some really good moments in some of the unadapted chapters(this is the same problem I had with Aoi Hana, which was also adapted from a manga written by Takako Shimura).

GDTL Hourou Musuko 2


The biggest difference between the anime and the manga, however, is the voice acting. I laud the anime for having new and relatively young voice actors(in the case of Kousuke Hatakeyama only about 2 years older than his character), and I think they did a very good job, but the fact that the manga lacks voice acting, as manga tend to do, lends the manga a very different atmosphere. This atmosphere is also enhanced by the occasionally minimalist and almost always black-and-white art of the manga. As an aside, I’ve also noticed that my internal voices(that have developed as I’ve read the manga) for the characters occasionally differs greatly from the anime voices. In particular, I sometimes catch myself unintentionally making Nitori sound very manly or making Takatsuki sound very girly, which makes me feel very guilty. It’s an interesting experience.

GDTL Hourou Musuko 3


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