Going Down The List: Inferno Cop


Inferno Cop was the first anime created by Studio Trigger, and while it may not be my favourite of theirs(I personally prefer Little Witch Academia), I do think it is the funniest. There are several reasons why I consider Inferno Cop a masterpiece, and only one of those reasons is that I like joking.

One of the other reasons is that there is something about the anime critique community in general that gives me the impression that shows like Inferno Cop should be disqualified from all kinds of comparisons like this because it’s not “serious”, because “it’s a joke”, because “it hardly even qualifies as anime”. And sure, it is barely animated and there wasn’t a lot of effort put into the visuals, and it is a comedy after all, but that’s precisely why I think it’s so special. The fact that I’m so reluctant to take it seriously makes it stand out to me among all other shows(just like how I kept wondering whether Viewster’s subs for Ninja Slayer should be considered troll subs or not).

It’s not like I love everything about Inferno Cop, though. The projectile vomiting etc. got old pretty quickly(as it did in Ninja Slayer), and some of the jokes weren’t as funny as I think they were intended to be. But see, this is serious critique. I can criticise Inferno Cop seriously if I really try, and that makes me think I really should take it seriously. Flash animation is still animation, no matter how bare-bones it is.


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