Going Down The List: Itazura na Kiss


Last time I talked about how romance shows with boy-girl relationships tend to be less cute and sweet than shoujo ai shows. Itazura na Kiss is a perfect example of that difference. Actually, it’s probably one of the more extreme examples, because the characters themselves are so extreme. Kotoko is a clumsy nice – probably too nice – girl, while Naoki is a super-talented and intelligent cold-hearted bastard(not literally, just figuratively). To be fair, the show is based on a shoujo manga, where stuff like this is pretty normal, but it’s still pretty extreme.

But enough about that, because Itazura na Kiss is not just something to compare to other shows, it’s noteworthy in its own right. Most notably, Itazura na Kiss uses time skips more than any other non-time travel anime I’ve seen. And it uses them well, because Itazura na Kiss is still one of the best romance anime I’ve seen(granted, I haven’t seen that many romance anime, actually). The time skips also mean that the story starts with the characters in high school, but it ends with them being many years into adulthood.

And that gives the show an oddly unique-feeling sense of finality. It’s not a complete story of the characters’ lives from birth to death, but it did feel more satisfying than your average romance anime. More than that I cannot say, in part because of spoilers and in part because it’s been too long since I saw the show. But I remember liking it a lot.


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