Going Down The List: Kagewani


Now this is a fresh show! And I mean that in two different ways. Firstly, it aired in Fall 2015, which isn’t very long ago, and secondly, it looks quite different from most other anime. For lack of a dedicated and descriptive term, it looked like the character animation was done by moving paper cutouts over the backgrounds. It didn’t make for the best-looking anime ever, but I think it worked pretty well with the monster designs.

Kagewani was a messy show, however, and not because of the animation and art styles. Kagewani tried to be an episodic show with an overarching story about mystery. This might have worked had it been a full-length show, but no, the episodes were 7 minutes long. This meant that it never really had time to do anything interesting before the last two or three episodes, and even then the ending was not conclusive. I applaud the show for what it tried to do, but the end result was pretty disappointing. Maybe I should just watch Yami Shibai instead.


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