Spring 2016 First Impressions: Part 2



That was interesting! Well, not so much in the audiovisual department, because it kind of looks like every A-1 Pictures show ever (never mind that this is by Diomedea and not A-1), and the voice acting wasn’t very outstanding either. And the dialogue was bad. Like grimdark/edgy bad, with little to no redeeming factors. And I guess I’m not so hot on the ideology behind the premise either. I mean, going to a “secret village” to “find a new life”? I can’t seriously relate to that, because although I’m familiar with wanting to escape from the stress of the real world, I can’t really see myself, or anyone else I know, throwing their life away to go to some legendary village or something.

Because it’s insane. Just insane. And that’s kind of the show’s only strength, that it’s insane. The characters are insane, they act insane, and they’re going to go to some closed-off hippie community and try to live together. That’s bound to cause a lot of chaos, and I’m looking forward to seeing that, because it sounds like it could be entertaining. This is also made better by the fact that the show doesn’t take itself completely seriously. Sure, it’s not a comedy and most of the characters seem to be super serious about themselves, but the way the story is told leans more toward absurdist humour rather than grimdark seriousness. The hippopotamus song is a prime example: It’s there for really no reason, and it’s very morbid, and it’s very funny. For a moment, I thought the bus driver would kill the hilariously insane mood, but fortunately it turned out that he’s pretty much as insane as his passengers.

Verdict: Insane, but entertaining. If we get more stuff like the hippopotamus song I’ll stick with it.


Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari!

This is how I felt while watching the episode.

Good things first: The story previewed after the end of the first episode sounded kind of interesting to me. Ok, that’s it. The character designs look like they’re out of an old game, but I can forgive that because they really are from an old game. What I can’t forgive is the fact that everything looks boring and plastic. In terms of style, the ED basically had more style than the rest of the episode. The voice acting was also not very interesting, nor was the sound design in general. And the progression of the trial, while understandably game-like (the show was very game-like in general), was ridiculous and simplified to the point where it was uninteresting on every level.

And I think that was because the trial lacked all player input. I imagine I would have enjoyed seeing the trial play out if I was actually in control of Naruhodo/Phoenix Wright, but instead I just had to watch a series of events, each more absurd than the last, play out in front of me. Ok, sure, it’s not like the writing regarding the murder story felt any good either, but I think what made it boring was the fact that I had to just watch it instead of getting to play it. As I already said, I was slightly more captivated by the story that’s coming up in episode 2, but because the show has really no other good aspects to it, I’m not going to stick around to find out what happens next.

Verdict: If I want to find out what happens next, I’ll get the game and play it. The show is not worth my time.


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