Spring 2016 First Impressions: Part 3


Yup, that’s a gem alright.

This seems to be the first “average” show of the season for me. The first episode neither wowed nor offended me. The visuals were decent but nothing amazing, and the character designs were basically just “different variations of pretty boys” (slightly reminiscent of High School Star Musical two seasons ago). The voice acting was also ok, but not special in any way. The storytelling is not fantastic either, there were several points during the episode where I looked away or stopped focusing because I wasn’t really interested in what was going on. This is partially because I feel like the focus on gems and crystals is not really relevant to the story itself, it’s like it’s just there to appeal to people who are really into gemology.

And that’s why I’m having a hard time describing the main character in any way beside “likes gems and crystals”. Sure, I could also mention that his father is a workaholic who rarely comes home, but considering the main character gets transported to another world I’m not sure that’s going to be a topical theme in the show. Unless, of course, the other main character’s issues (I think he tried to murder his father figure or something) get brought up, in which case I could sort of see the theme of “rocky relationship with dad” working. But, so far at least, it seems that the show is just going to be about the main characters fighting magic enemies with magic weapons and stuff like that. Fortunately, I’m not greatly opposed to those kinds of stories, so I guess I’ll give it a few more episodes.

Verdict: Very average and not attention-grabbing at all. Not terrible, though, so I’ll continue, at least for now.


Boku no Hero Academia

This was a cool scene.

First things first: It’s an adaptation of a shounen manga which, I assume, includes battles. That means it also comes with many elements that turn me off, such as the MC being a powerless loser who wants to be the very best like no one ever was. And there’s a kid in his class who bullies him. This bully is, naturally, good at everything, and is at the top of the class. Also, while I have nothing against All Might (the strongest hero) as a character in his own right, I was incredibly annoyed by the main character’s obsession with him. Scenes that included any or all of those elements bored me, and I’d prefer not to have to see too many scenes like that in the future.

Because while I disliked that “generic serious” stuff, I really enjoyed the more action-filled scenes. The superhero designs are cool, as are some of the character designs in general, and the superpowers are pretty fun to watch, even though they’re maybe not the most imaginative superpowers in the history of superpowers. All of this is enhanced by great animation and good sound design (in my opinion), and so the end result was pretty entertaining to me. I don’t really care about the story, but I’m looking forward to seeing new characters and action scenes. This is a good “popcorn show”. I may make it my go-to show for Sunday evening dinner.

Verdict: Not sold on the main character at all, but the action was fun. Will continue.


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