Going Down The List: Kill la Kill


Kill la Kill was a wildly popular show, and it ended up being quite successful in terms of sales over in Japan. It was a laudable full-length TV anime debut for Studio Trigger, and it was definitely different from every other show airing in Fall 2013. In terms of sheer energy and action, it was unmatched at the time. And for me, a person who had only been watching anime for 9 months or so, it was unlike anything I’d seen before. It was a spectacle.

I didn’t like the first episode, and I expressed my disappointment quite vocally on Reddit. Most people disagreed with me, but I digress, because my dislike of the show had nothing to do with this disagreement. It wasn’t all bad, though. I still think the fight in episode 3 is amazing. Unfortunately, that’s the last good moment I remember. After that, the problems just kept cropping up. Though I like that the show tried to go for a slightly different style of art and animation, the novelty got old pretty quickly and then it just looked kind of… average(or worse). I also liked that the humour was somewhat different from the anime comedies I’d seen before, but that got old pretty quickly as well. Mako and her family ended up being annoying, Mikisugi was annoying, the humour in general was annoying. As for the drama, I only liked a fraction of it. Ragyou and Nui were boring kinds of evil, Ryuuko’s constant resetting of her character development was infuriating, and the backstories of the Four Elites were yawn-inducing(I also didn’t like any of them in general). The only characters I liked were Tsumugu and Satsuki. Oh, I also thought the story was stupid. It was basically just a huge excuse to show the characters half-naked.

Well, that was a badly-written rant about, in my opinion, a badly-written show. And not just badly-written. Mostly underwhelmingly acted and drawn as well. However, I must admit that when I recently(2 years after the TV show started airing) watched the OVA, I found it… good. Not great, but good in the sense that I had fun with it. Which makes me realise two things: I’d probably have enjoyed Kill la Kill more had I not watched it so early in my “anime career”, and I’d probably have enjoyed it more had it been a more episodic kind of show. The latter of these realisations I base on the observation that Kill la Kill kind of tried to have a story as grand as the one in TTGL, but it just didn’t work as well, and that’s why most of the main story stuff felt so pointless and underwhelming. At least, that’s what I thought. To be completely honest, I haven’t thought about KLK much since it ended.


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