Going Down The List: Kiniro Mosaic


I must admit something: I get really intense bouts of secondhand embarrassment when anime characters speak English(in the original Japanese dub, I’m fine with English dubs). And for this reason, I almost missed out on Kiniro Mosaic when it first aired in Summer 2013. Fortunately, however, people kept bringing up the first episode as “super cute” in discussions on many different platforms, which is why I eventually caved in and gave it a shot. And I didn’t regret it, even though the rest of the show ended up being different from the first episode.

At its core, Kinmosa has a very simple formula: Running jokes. Shino likes blondes(or, more specifically, blonde hair) and sometimes acts like a ninja(due to her name actually being Shinobu), Alice likes everything Japanese(especially Shino), Karen’s shtick is being wild and rebellious and speaking Japanese with a thick accent(which Nao Touyama is great at). Aya likes Youko(and acts very tsundere about it), and Youko is mostly oblivious. That’s basically the entire show. There’s no secondary appeal like the atmospheric scenes in Non Non Biyori and no cute child characters like Naru in Barakamon or Chino in Gochiusa (or Renge in Non Non Biyori for that matter). For a long time I was puzzled by why some people I know who usually like these kinds of shows though Kinmosa was disappointing, average or boring, but now I realise that this is probably the reason. If the running jokes don’t work, the show loses all of its appeal.

This isn’t what it looks like, I swear.

Even though I already liked the running jokes back in the first season, I didn’t really start loving the show until the second season(which aired in Spring 2015). Interestingly, the deciding factor had nothing to do with the content of the show itself, it was more related to how I experienced watching the second season: On Sunday night, livetweeting about it, all while eating pizza. And that made Sunday the best day of the week for me. Not that the second season didn’t have its own novelties, though. The new character, Kuzehashi-sensei, and the now more often recurring character, Honoka, were both very good additions to the show… God, I want a third season.


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