Spring 2016 First Impressions: Part 12


The CG ships actually look pretty good.

Today I was reminded of the fact that stuff like current mood and tiredness can have a great impact on the impression you get of a show, because that’s what happened with me and Haifuri at first. My very first impression of it was that the character designs were cute but generic and that the art was average at best. I didn’t like the cutesy personalities of the characters, and I didn’t find the theme with the ships that interesting. Basically, it felt like Kancolle (which is a bad thing) but with the ships and the girls being separate entities. There were a few scenes were I thought the character animation was good, but I imagine it won’t be nearly as prominent in later episodes. The first few minutes of the show left me pessimistic about the whole thing.

But then, the show kind of turned away from the cutesy slice of life comedy and started focusing more on the ship aspect of the show. And then it started taking the sailing of the ship seriously. Sure, the crews of the ships are different classes in school, but they forget about the school aspect pretty quickly. When they’re out at sea, it’s basically just about a bunch of cute girls sailing a warship. And I really kind of liked that, as a military semi-nerd. And then, of course, there was the twist at the end, which was fantastic. I hope it ends up leading to some grand plot instead of being waved away later on, but it worked really well for the first episode. Basically, there is no way I can’t watch the next episode. I need to know what happens.

Verdict: Looked generic and boring at first, then it got more interesting, and the twist hooked me. I must continue.


Flying Witch

I like both the backgrounds and the character designs in this show.

Like Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, Flying Witch is a cute and relaxing show. However, while Tanaka-kun relies on slow jokes and non-extreme slapstick to set the mood, Flying Witch is more about just slice of life stuff, like taking the bus somewhere, going shopping, or going home from school. Sure, there are some funny faces at times just like in Tanaka-kun, but the show lacks the near-constant barrage of jokes. If you’re wondering why I’m emphasising the differences between the two shows so much, it’s because I sometimes get kind of obsessed with not simultaneously watching two shows that are too similar to each other. There’s no real reason for it, but that’s just how it is.

Anyway, moving on, I think Flying Witch is a good example of a non-moe iyashikei (healing) show. Sometimes iyashikei and moe are lumped together, I know I do it from time to time, but there’s really nothing that says it has to be that way. Flying Witch is definitely not a moe show, but it’s still relaxing, it’s still beautiful (both visually and figuratively), it’s still cute. The music is slow and pleasant, as is most of the voice acting. The backgrounds are gorgeous (as I would expect from J.C.Staff). This was a really solid premiere, and I would even recommend it to people who don’t usually like iyashikei or slice of life shows.

Verdict: Top-notch premiere. Solid all around. Might become one of my favourites.


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