Going Down The List: Kiseijuu – Sei no Kakuritsu


Aka Parasyte. Right, this was a show that existed, huh? And it’s only been a year since it ended. I guess that just goes to show how forgettable it was in the long run. I’m not one of the people who thought the show was awfully bad, I thought the end result was decently good when it came to entertaining me once a week, but it’s not like the show didn’t get on my nerves as well. As far as I understand, the manga was more comedic, though not overly light-hearted, in how it portrayed the absurdity of the Parasytes. With that in mind, I think the single biggest failure of the anime was that it took itself way too seriously most of the time.

What I mean by this is that it frequently slid down into cookie cutter horror territory, where the screams are panicked and frequent, the action is gory and bloody, and the faces are shocked and exaggerated. This was fine for the first few episodes when everyone, including the main character, were confused about what was going on and understandably frightened, but the fact that the horror scenes just kept reoccurring even though the story was about something totally different made it very annoying.

To the show’s credit, I liked the body horror in the early parts of the show. I’m particularly weak to that kind of horror, so watching the show was exhilaratingly scary in the beginning, and I kept enjoying the odd body horror scene later on as well. Unfortunately, kinda like how the show transitioned from a horror/thriller into basically just an action show in the second half, the manifestation of the Parasytes in the later episodes of the show got less and less creative, until basically everything was just “tentacles with knives”. And that’s kind of why I would’ve probably preferred the show to be 13 episodes shorter than it was, even though that would’ve meant a non-complete adaptation. I just couldn’t get invested in the action-y second half.


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