Spring 2016 First Impressions: Part 13


Interesting character designs, dynamic movement, cool shots.

Unlike one of Trigger’s other original shows Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver is a self-serious show, at least in the first episode. Sure, there are some funny moments, and some moments that are intended to be funny but aren’t (anime comedy moments), but so far the story and the storytelling of the show is serious. This can sometimes be a bad thing for me, especially if the writing of the show ends up being too “edgy”. Unfortunately, Kiznaiver doesn’t avoid doing that, because some of it’s dialogue is almost humorously serious. However, the dialogue did manage to make me interested in the characters and the way they’re now “connected”, so I can’t say that the writing did nothing right. Actually, they Kizuna system is probably my favourite out of all of this season’s fantasy/sci-fi systems.

It also helps that the show looks good. The first few shots show just how cool background art can be when the designs are imaginative, and the character designs, while less imaginative, are still really pleasant to look at in my opinion. Moreover, the character animation looks very good, and considering the show is animated over at Trigger means that I’m not overly concerned about the animation quality dropping too much over the course of the series. The voice acting is decent. It’s not fantastic, but there are also no grating voices so far, so I’m satisfied. Yeah, this is one of those shows where I’m interested in the story and I enjoy looking at the animation, so I’m definitely continuing it.

Verdict: Most interesting fantasy/sci-fi system so far this season, definitely continuing.


Sansha Sanyou

This show radiates cuteness.

I think I’m past the point where I can unconditionally enjoy moe comedy shows, which is what this show is. From the same studio as Yuru Yuri, Sansha Sanyou is actually somewhat similar in terms of its character relationships and some of the jokes, with the clearest exception being that Yuru Yuri has that obvious yuri element, which Sansha Sanyou lacks, at least so far. For me, most of Sansha Sanyou’s charm came from the funny character animation and facial expressions, which Doga Kobo are definitely proficient at. Also, the OP and the ED were cute and catchy, but that’s more of a bonus than something that will actually make me watch and like the show.

Had Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch not also started airing in this season, I would probably have enjoyed the first episode of Sansha Sanyou much more. It’s not that it was a bad episode, but I feel like I already get my weekly dose of comedy from Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch provides me with comfort and healing. In the past, when I was a great fan of moe comedy shows – especially Yuru Yuri – I would have been able to, as I mentioned above, unconditionally enjoy this show. I still kind of enjoyed it, and I will continue it, but I felt like I had to really concentrate to find its strengths, and that took away from the experience of just enjoying the show as a moe comedy. Hopefully the next episode will give me something that I can comfortably hold on to.

Verdict: Not bad, and I enjoyed parts of it, but it’s not one of my favourites so far. Will continue though.


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