Going Down The List: Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku


Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku, aka Kitakubu(I dare not use the initialism), is not a special show in any way. It’s a sitcom/sketch comedy in exactly the same way as other anime sitcoms/sketch comedies such as Plastic Nee-san, Lucky Star, Teekyuu, Super Seisyun Brothers, etc. The difference is that unlike the majority of those(all of them except for Lucky Star, actually), Kitakubu is not a short. I assume this is why I couldn’t be bothered to stick with it at first, and why the show sold so poorly. Which, in turn, might explain why the lead seiyuus’ careers didn’t take off(except for Ibuki Kido, who already had a career). Well, I mean, Sayaka Senbongi plays the main character in Unlimited Fafnir and Cracker in Gundam Tekketsu, but that’s about it.

As I hinted at above, I actually dropped Kitakubu after a few episodes while it was airing, the reason being that it wasn’t nearly as funny as I wanted it to be, and the episodes felt way too long. But for some reason, probably because someone on Twitter or Reddit kept saying how funny it was, I picked it back up later on in Fall 2013. And this time, when I could binge it at my time of choosing, I ended up really liking it. It’s hard to say exactly why that was, because I honestly don’t remember much of the show proper aside from the fact that Natsuki played the role of the eternal tsukkomi, but I remember that at the end of it I was really hoping that the show would catch fire.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I think even the one season is probably good enough. I don’t know why the small white seal kept telling the audience facts about seals, but I remember it fondly. The show put way too much effort into preserving continuity between scenes(i.e. between sketches), but I remember that fondly as well. Natsuki’s unnatural ahoge, Karin’s literally (if I recall correctly) lethal cute innocence and Botan’s superhuman strength, I think I got enough entertainment out of all of those over the duration of 12 episodes. So, Kitakubu didn’t catch fire, but it did warm my heart.

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