Going Down The List: Kokoro Connect


In retrospect, Kokoro Connect really wasn’t a special show. The characters were pretty standard for an LN adaptation, fantasy or not, and it’s not like body-swapping, telepathy and stuff like that is uncommon in anime in general. The only thing that I could consider to be outstanding is that the nature of the – pardon my language – mindfuckery changes significantly(at least as far as I can remember) between the story arcs. Other than that, there’s not much about the show that would entice me to rewatch it.

But for a guy relatively inexperienced with anime, which is what I was when I first watched Kokoro Connect, the show was sort of a milestone. And not because of the characters or setting or anything like that, I had seen some harems and romcoms after all, but because Kokoro Connect was the first anime I saw that treated sexuality at least somewhat seriously. Up until then, all the shows I’d watched had either dodged the subject with symbolism(nosebleeds et cetera) or treated it as a joke, so when I was watching Kokoro Connect and the characters started talking about masturbation, I pretty much spat out my drink(or, rather, I would have if I had had a drink to spit out).

And that discussion about masturbation was probably what made me fall in love with Inaba, because she was so confident and unapologetic about it(unlike some of the other characters). Looking back, though, that’s kind of a flimsy reason to fall in love with a character, but something about that love still remains: My love for Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice. Unfortunately, due to the scandal surrounding the production of the show, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get to hear Sawashiro reprise her role as Inaba, but I’m thankful for what I got.

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