Going Down The List: Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!


This is another one of those shows that makes me go “Why the hell did I watch that in the first place?!” when I see it on my list. The harem character archetypes are bland, the main character is even blander, the backstories of the characters are VN-level ridiculous and the story goes absolutely nowhere. I even watched an OVA, and nothing happened there either. And worst of all, I never found out WHO IS IMOUTO? What a load of crock.

I guess the character art was okay, though. Most of the designs were pretty boring, but Mei – the witch cosplayer – was really cute. Also, I guess Mr. X was pretty funny, even though the explanation behind her behaviour was the most unsubtle “justification” for nudity in the history of bad ecchi anime… Aaaand that’s about all I remember about the show. Mr. X does naked yoga and Mei runs a café where she cosplays as a witch. Terrible show. Don’t watch it.


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