Going Down The List: Kotoura-san


Kotoura-san was one of the first anime that I watched while it was airing. It wasn’t originally on my radar, but after I heard whispers about the first episode being really good, I decided to try it. And was I ever impressed with the first episode! It had a dark kind of drama that I hadn’t seen before in anime. It felt serious, it felt heartwrenching, it felt exciting. After such a strong premiere, I was greatly looking forward to the second episode.

If the first episode was my first exposure to serious drama, the second episode was my first exposure(in anime) to crushing disappointment, because it basically threw away everything exciting about the first episode. It’s not that the show immediately did a complete 180, I liked the bit with the symbolic shattering glass in the first episode and I liked that the show kept having individual scenes that used the premise, i.e. Kotoura being able to read minds, in interesting ways, but the general direction of the show just went… nowhere, or at least nowhere interesting.

The majority of the show consisted of school and/or romcom hijinks with an extra helping of perverted old and young men. Worst of all, though, later on it converted the key point of the drama in the first episode(Kotoura being abandoned by her mother) into a joke. The show didn’t look particularly good either. Specifically, Manabe’s head looks unnatural. As for music I don’t actually remember any of it, except for the OP, which was catchy and good. That’s pretty much it.


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